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Corporate mission: convey love and safety, and make people happier!

Love:Love is dedication, altruism and selflessness. Our hearts are filled with love. We are the practitioners of love. Let love pass on without end.

Safety:In Deming, safety is a diligent and pragmatic spirit, a constantly updated working attitude, and a dedicated guard of ingenuity. Our product (automobile control arm) is the carrier of life safety and the guarantee of happiness along the way of life.

Happiness:Only with love and security can we realize customer value. Happiness is the eternal pursuit of thousands of families.

Corporate vision: to become a benchmark in the global automotive control arm manufacturing industry!

Focus: The people in Deming are assiduous in their pursuit, standing at a high place and focusing on the field of automobile control arm.

Global full range: We always regard "becoming the benchmark of global full range automobile control arm manufacturing industry" as our corporate vision for development, focusing on R&D and developing new products.

Automobile control arm: compared with the same industry, our products will certainly achieve: you have nothing, you have everything, you have everything, you are new, you are new and fast, so as to provide competitiveness for customers to quickly occupy the market!

Benchmark in manufacturing industry: the company adheres to the original intention of industrial prosperity and the purpose of practicing industrial power. We will become bigger and stronger in the manufacturing industry and set a benchmark to provide customers with products and services at ease.

Enterprise values: customer first, passion, trustworthiness, dedication, innovation, efficient collaboration.

First, to create a healthy and rich life

It means that we will continue to provide products and services that exceed customer expectations, pride ourselves on our customers, provide employees the space and compensation they expect, and make employees proud.

Second, the customer is our eternal partner

① customers are the most scarce resources, all the reasons for our existence.

② respect customers, understand customers, provide customers the desired products and services, and guide a positive, healthy and modern way of life. This is what we have always insisted and advocated.

③ In the eyes of clients, each of our employees represents Zhejiang Deming Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

④ 1% of our mistakes, for customers, is 100% loss.

⑤ The most important criterion for measuring our success is our level of customer satisfaction.