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Eliminate hidden dangers of accidents and strengthen safety lines
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  In response to the country’s nineteenth "Safety Production Month", further strengthen the company’s employees’ awareness of fire safety, improve their ability to respond to emergencies, and correctly master the use of fire extinguishers and escape methods, with the strong support of company leaders and the cooperation of various departments Next, fire safety training and drills were organized on the afternoon of May 22.

Captain Gao conducts fire fighting knowledge training

  The fire fighting knowledge training is lectured by the leader of the development zone’s fire protection team, mainly from work to daily life. The fire fighting knowledge is specially used to tell you the whole story of fire in the form of video, and explain how to deal with and how to guarantee when a fire occurs. Life safety, etc., everyone listened attentively. When Captain Gao asked everyone questions, the partners actively answered. At the end of the theoretical training, Captain Gao took a fire extinguisher and explained how to use it correctly.

  In order to put the learned knowledge into practice, "strike while the iron is hot" popularize firefighting knowledge among employees. After the training, a simulated fire evacuation and fire extinguisher drills were held at the factory 1# building and the company assembly point. The process emphasized various The use skills and precautions of fire extinguishers, personnel from various departments take turns to carry out practical operations, and finally master the use of fire extinguishers.

Simulate fire evacuation and escape

President Fang demonstrates the correct use of fire extinguishers

Employees take turns to experience fire extinguishers

  Through this fire drill, employees’ awareness of prevention and self-rescue ability have been further enhanced, and they understand and master basic skills such as how to identify hazards and how to take necessary emergency measures, so as to achieve rapid, orderly, timely and effective Emergency response capabilities, this exercise also achieved a complete success, laying the foundation for safe, efficient and orderly development of safety production in the future.