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Fake and shoddy blatantly auto parts market, many hidden dangers
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As a durable consumer products, the use of vehicles often require replacement parts for maintenance, but many drivers reflect their car replacement parts, the performance is obviously worse than before

As a durable consumer goods, the car often needs to be replaced and repaired in the process of using the car. However, many drivers report that the performance of their car is obviously worse than before. Some even have trouble constantly threatening the safety of drivers and vehicles. In order to reveal one of the mysteries, the reporter on the auto parts production, sales and maintenance were tracked.

Auto parts market half of the country who holds nearly 200 million Santana sedan domestic car market share of the highest car, according to normal circumstances are estimated that the total annual demand for accessories about 60 billion yuan. However, according to last year's statistics, the regular auto parts market share of only 36%, then 64% of the auto parts market, which products are occupied by what?

Xujiang Road, Suzhou Auto Parts Street, the reporter freely into several auto parts store. In the Great Wall Auto Parts Shop, the boss heard the reporter wanted to buy Santana headlamps, immediately happily took samples from behind the warehouse.
Boss: Lighting is my strength.
Reporter: How much is it?
The boss: 55 (yuan). You have to buy more, I'll give you cheaper. This is vice factory, is imitation, imitation factory.
Reporter: And is the factory than the quality of how?
Boss: the quality is much worse than that, but the optometry may not be able to get it out. To go to the car, and you'd better not take this one, for a factory lights to test, test finished and then change over.
Auto Parts store in this street, the reporters found that the boss sells goods, usually first ask the factory, or deputy factory, but also with the deputy plant products, the price is divided into 369.
Reporter: What is deputy factory it?
Boss: attached to the factory is usually done by the lighting plant itself, not the designated manufacturers Santana mass maintenance station to do. This and the factory can not see anything, you can take the factory. There is simply not the difference between the factory and the worse.

In these so-called Deputy Factory products really are close and formal supporting the same factory marks and certificates. The boss told reporters here to get goods are all auto repair shop. General driver to change parts are directly to the repair shop, then the repair shop is how to sell the parts to the driver? In order to understand the real situation of the auto repair shop, reporters and accompanying counterfeit officers decided to smash their car Light, personally sent to the repair shop to experience something.

This is located in Shanghai Yangshupu Road, a repair shop, walked into the plant, the reporter saw the yard has been stopped 7,8 cars are waiting to be repaired, responsible for repairing staff are busy receiving customers' phone: I'll give you All with the original, you rest assured.

For reporters to change the car headlamps, the staff member's asking price is 150 yuan, and immediately took out the lights.
Reporter: Is this a factory?
Maintenance staff: how is not the factory, Xiao Bian (plant).
Santana lights supporting the manufacturer is indeed a small headlight Co., Ltd. Shanghai, but the staff do not know whether due to carelessness, did not notice that he sold the lights, certificates on the letter  Xiaolao is written into the relationship between the system.
Fake staff: This is a fake, first of this word, the Department of the word on the write-off.
After bargaining, eventually put on the headlights spent 120 yuan, while in fact the regular headlamps for supporting the premise would have 147 yuan.
Reporter: How much is the actual light?
Fake staff: in the area of ?? the river made only 25 to 30 dollars. Repair shop in order to seek huge profits, vice factory counterfeit products as the factory products, and supporting plant products to sell, 3-4 times the profits, but not invoiced.
In this small office, the reporter noted that Santana, Jetta, Audi and other models of nearly 100 kinds of auto parts are placed on the shelf in different categories. Accompanied by counterfeiting staff told reporters after turning, most of these accessories are fake.

So how to ensure the safety of auto parts

Headlight is the driver's eyes, is directly related to the driver's life and safety, the lights are the national mandatory testing products,In order to understand the regular product and the so-called deputy plant products, how much quality difference, the reporter sent these products to the state authority testing agencies. In the field experiment of the light distribution room, the two lamps of the matching products from the regular manufacturers and counterfeit goods seized during the crackdown showed different light shapes.

Shanghai Automotive Industry Institute of Quality Inspector Cheng Ying senior engineer on-site explanation: like this (counterfeit goods) headlamps, the obvious light is very uneven, and more scattered, will give each other driver eyes dazzling, look Not clear here to the car, it is easy to cause a car accident, and the brightness is not enough, the irradiation distance is relatively close, high-speed driving, it will also cause some car accidents. To produce the lights up to the requirements of national standards, must have strict technical conditions and process requirements, the formal product line, the reporter saw each finished product must pass two tests of optometry and tightness to be automatically off the assembly line.

Then what is the production of counterfeit lights under what conditions?

Not long ago, the reporter along with the Jiangsu Provincial Quality and Technical Supervision law enforcement officers in the town of Huangshan Wujin City, seized a counterfeit dens. This farmhouses in the yard of the rain canopy is a warehouse for counterfeiters, filled with a wick, lamp housing and light distribution mirror, the first floor of the house is the headlight assembly workshop, counterfeiters here is a screwdriver, glue, etc. Simple tools assemble a batch of Santana 2000 headlamps.

It is understood that in the Danyang City, Jiangsu Province, the market and Wujin Creek area there are dozens of such lamps factory, some of them produce parts, and some assembly. Less than a hundred meters from this system of counterfeiting dens, law enforcement officials seized the warehouse of another factory and found fake Audi, Santana headlamps, fog lights, reversing mirrors and hubs run.

According to the Shanghai Automotive Industry Quality Inspection Institute, deputy chief engineer Sun Chaolan introduced the current auto parts market overall quality is not ideal, from the car, to Santana, for example, two-thirds of counterfeit, or fake. Why fake and shoddy auto parts hard to beat Accompanied by the development of China's auto industry, auto parts fake has more than 10 years of history. At present, the auto parts are mainly distributed in relatively concentrated areas, fraud means more and more hidden.

According to many years of market research, fake and shoddy auto parts production dens are mainly concentrated in such areas: the Qinghe region in Hebei Province, the main rubber parts, brake pads, three filters; Creek, Jiangsu Province, the main production sector lamps, plastics Interior parts, bumpers; Yuhuan, Zhejiang Province, the main production ball head, shock absorbers, carburetor; Zhejiang Province, Ryan region mainly produces power components, electrical components and chassis components.

Due to the intensification of counterfeiting in recent years, counterfeiters are constantly changing the means of counterfeiting.
Xiang Songnong, general manager of Shanghai Xiaobei Lamps Co., Ltd. said: They are now more subtle ways and clever ways. They used to fake our trademarks and counterfeit our packaging. They now have their own trademarks and have their own packaging, but the quality Is fake, in terms of users are the same hazard.

It is understood that in some developed countries in the automobile industry, there are already hundreds of catalogs of car safety parts. <span style="font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;" sans-serif;"="" helvetica,="" font-family:arial,="">Counterfeit auto parts put on their own trademarks, in the case does not constitute a trademark infringement, the control of existing products against some of the products encountered a lot of difficulty.

At present, AQSIQ is organizing relevant departments to step up improvement of auto parts standards, auto parts counterfeiting products have also been included in the focus of this year's counterfeiting.