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The company organizes fire safety drills and safety production double prevention training
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  In order to further strengthen the fire safety management work, enhance the safety awareness of employees, improve the fire safety awareness of all employees, and enhance the ability of self-prevention and self-rescue. On December 6, 2019, the company organized a fire safety drill and a dual prevention training for production safety.

Fire safety drill

  This fire drill is divided into two parts: theoretical training and practical operation. In the theoretical training, the production department always explained the emergency response plan, the principle of fire extinguisher, the basic operation method and precautions of fire extinguisher for the employees participating in this exercise.

Mr. Fang explained to employees the use and precautions of fire extinguishers

Fang always demonstrates correctly how to use fire extinguishers

  After listening and observing carefully, the employees personally experienced the on-site fire extinguishing process. In the face of the blazing fire, they acted very aggressively and bravely, and quickly extinguished the heavy smoke from the fire according to the fire extinguishing steps and methods.

Drill site

Drill site

Drill site

  In this exercise, every employee personally experienced how to use fire extinguishers correctly and achieved the expected results of the exercise, laying a solid foundation for the company's fire safety work.

Safety production double prevention training

  In order to improve the safety awareness and safe operation skills of all employees, to ensure that employees have the knowledge of safe production required for their own work, they are proficient in safe production rules and regulations and safe operation procedures to prevent accidents. On December 6, the company organized workshop employees to conduct dual prevention training on production safety at the production site.

 The training process is rich in content, diverse in forms and highly targeted. Based on the four-color management diagram of safety production in the production workshop, the trainer systematically explained the company’s safety management knowledge and safety concepts, introduced relevant laws and regulations, and combined with the actual cases that occurred in the company, to analyze the causes of accidents and educate employees Everyone should take precautions before they happen, and improve their awareness and ability to prevent accidents.

Every drill training activity

Are making us grow

Learn and accumulate safety knowledge

All the time

Ensure the safety of employees

Get rid of the danger

Keep safety in mind

  Fire safety knowledge:

  Common sense of alarm:
   (1) When calling the police, dial "119" and clearly state the number of the district, county and street where the burning unit is located;
   (2) It is necessary to clarify what is on fire and the magnitude of the fire, so that the fire department can call out the corresponding fire vehicle;
   (3) Clarify the name of the person calling the police and the telephone number used;
   (4) Pay attention to the inquiries of the fire brigade, answer correctly and concisely, and hang up the call only when the other party clearly says that it can hang up;
   (5) After calling the police, wait for the fire truck at the intersection and instruct the fire truck to go to the fire site.

  Precautions for escape:
   (1) When the evacuation passage is on fire but the fire is not strong, you can put a soaked quilt or blanket on your body and rush out of the fire quickly and decisively;
   (2) When the fire comes, don't forget the roof, balcony and other shelters;
   (3) When passing through the fire, cover your mouth and nose with a wet towel, not calling to prevent smoke from entering your mouth;
   (4) If you are on fire, don't run around, take off your clothes quickly or fall to the ground and roll;
   (5) Keep your body low when walking through the fire scene, choose to run the stairs to escape, and don't rush to take the elevator;
   (6) If there is a gas mask in the fire room, you must wear it on your head when you escape;
   (7) When everyone is closing the door of the house, do not open the door blindly to escape. Please close the door tightly, splash water to cool down, and call for help;
   (8) In the event of a fire, make full use of the rescue descent device, rescue slide and rope in the building or indoor to escape from the fire scene.

  The use of fire extinguishers:

   (1) When using a dry powder fire extinguisher, carry the handle of the fire extinguisher and rush to the fire quickly;  
   (2) When used outdoors, it should have the upper wind direction and be about 5 meters away from the fire point;
   (3) Before using, turn the fire extinguisher upside down several times to loosen the dry powder in the cylinder;
   (4) If you are using a built-in or stored-pressure dry powder fire extinguisher, you should first pull out the safety pin, hold the nozzle with one hand, and press the handle firmly with the other hand, and the dry powder will be ejected from the nozzle;
   (5) If you are using an external dry powder fire extinguisher, hold the nozzle with one hand, lift the lifting ring with the other hand, and hold the handle, the dry powder will be ejected from the nozzle;
   (6) When using a dry powder fire extinguisher to extinguish a scattered liquid fire, spray from the side of the flame toward the root of the flame, and shoot from near to far, left and right, and quickly advance until the flame is completely extinguished.