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December birthday party
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When I was young, birthday was a family joy

There are mom and dad, there are cake candles

When going to school, birthday is a party for the students

Have classmates, have a toast

After work, birthday is a gathering of colleagues

To build a dream for the future, to work together

  The last birthday party of 2019 started at 4 pm on December 24 (today is not only a birthday party but also Christmas Eve~~~~~~)

"An apple, a blessing, peace of life" for all longevity god

Game interaction

  Game rules: When the host talks about a certain part, the participant needs to put his hand on the said part. When it comes to grabbing an apple or yogurt, he can reach for an apple (yogurt). "Are you ready?" "I'm ready"
  The host began to shout: "Eyes, nose, ears, buttocks... grab an apple (yogurt)"
  This game exercises everyone's (reflection ability)
  Exercise is impossible~
  Happy is the most important thing! ! !

  Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you...
  With a cheerful birthday song
  The birthday stars make good wishes together
  Everyone has a happy smile on their faces
  This warm scene is eternally frozen
  In the big family of Deming
  Everyone with sweetness and smile
  With warmth and blessing
  Sincerely feel the journey of our life
  Happiness and surprises when together
  Spend every beautiful and unforgettable time together

Because of you, warm as ever

  Life is always so busy
  Time always slips away unconsciously
  Days always need something beautiful to mark
  Won't be so same
  such as
  A sweet cake
  Every time I eat a piece, I feel good!
  The days with cakes and friends are so sweet~

  Birthday is a special day for everyone. The happy time of the year may be birthday except holidays~
  On this special day
  All my colleagues in the company send you the most sincere blessings for your birthday
  Happy birthday and happy family
  I hope that in our future work
  Work together
  Create a better tomorrow