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To celebrate the "Goddess Day" on March 8th, pay tribute to Deming's most beautiful you
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  Because of the epidemic, this year's "March 8 Goddess Day" is different from the past. Deming pays tribute to all the warriors who are fighting on the front lines of the epidemic-the most beautiful retrograde women! To express the most lofty tribute and praise to life and to the most kind and great side of human nature!

  In Deming Company, there is such a group of beautiful women who silently stick to their ordinary positions, work hard, selflessly, and enterprisingly, and have worked hard to provide customers with high-quality products in a timely manner.
On the afternoon of March 7, the heart-warming gift packages prepared by the company for the goddesses have been assembled.
  What kind of gift is it?

 On the afternoon of March 7, the Administration Department sent warm holiday blessings, heart-warming milk and flowers to the female employees of various departments of the company. Many beautiful women were surprised and smiled from ear to ear. After receiving them, everyone exclaimed: "This is also It’s so heart-warming!” The gifts prepared by the company made them feel the warm blessings and deep care of the company~

The goddesses are very happy~

  The new crown pneumonia epidemic affects the whole country and the heart of every employee of Deming. The epidemic has gradually stabilized, and Deming female employees are more worried about the impact of the epidemic on the production and operation of the company. Knowing that the company has resumed work and production, they have organized and settled in their homes, returned to their posts as soon as possible, obeyed management, actively invested, actively thought, improved efficiency, and performed their job responsibilities with practical actions.

  In March of Yangchun, the warmth of spring is blooming and everything is revived. I wish all goddesses a happy holiday! Don't be afraid of years, live out your own wonderfulness.