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Coming together, thank you for having you-2020 annual meeting and awards dinner
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Together, we are grateful for you!

Do not forget the original intention, forge ahead!

Sincere, create a legend!

The ingenuity is the same, writing a chapter!

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  On January 4, 2020, Zhejiang Deming Auto Parts Co., Ltd. "Gathering together, grateful for you—2020 Annual Meeting and Awards Dinner" was held in Hall A, 3rd Floor, Oriental Wenting, and more than 300 employees of Deming gathered together. , Sharing a feast.

At 17:30 in the afternoon, a set of "Inspiring Passion" kicked off the dinner, which made people excited.

Awards ceremony

  The first is the annual outstanding employee awards. The winners of the 2019 outstanding employees are: packaging workshop Xiao Meiyun; assembly workshop Wang Fang and Yang Qiaoxing; metalworking workshop He Limei and Zhang Yingqiong; welding workshop Zhang Jianfeng and Zhang Xiangjun; stamping workshop He Yanyu, Yang Tongying, Du Haiyong ; Hu Yunhua of Mould Department; Xia Shanxiu of Administration Department; Xiao Fuchuan of PMC Department.

President Fang and President Xu present awards to outstanding employees in 2019

  Next is the annual outstanding grassroots cadre awards. The winners of the 2019 outstanding grassroots cadres are Wei Liangqin in the packaging workshop, Zhang Hongying in the stamping workshop, Liu Qingqing in the welding workshop, Huang Yanping from the PMC department, Binbin He in the sales department, Wang Junchao from the technical department, Zhang Juhua from the quality department, and Zhang Juhua from the technical department. Dai Jingjing, metalworking workshop Zeng Xiangxiu.

Mr. Zhou presents awards to outstanding grassroots cadres in 2019

  What follows is the annual outstanding team awards, this is a passionate team, this is a team that can compete well. Facing the company's goals set at the beginning of 2019, they used hard work to create performance, and they used practical actions to reward the company. They did not complain, but bravely assumed, worked overtime, successfully completed the task, witnessed their enthusiasm every bit, and felt their dedication within every second. It is their responsibility, execution and organization that have paved the strong cornerstone of corporate development. The production department won the 2019 Excellent Team. They are composed of stamping workshops, welding workshops, packaging workshops, assembly workshops, and metalworking workshops.

Mr. Zhou presents awards to representatives of outstanding teams in 2019

  Being elected as an outstanding employee, outstanding cadre, and outstanding team is only the starting point for progress, but also a motivation and responsibility. I hope that more outstanding employees, outstanding cadres, and outstanding teams will stand on the podium in the coming year and share with us The joy of harvest.

General manager speech

  In 2019, all departments cooperated closely. With the joint efforts of all employees, the company has achieved impressive results. Mr. Zhou praised all employees for their hard work and thanked all employees for their hard work this year.

  Mr. Zhou said that the company’s mission is to provide high-quality products and services to the global auto parts market, to help cooperative companies grow together, so that employees are happy, customers are satisfied, suppliers benefit, and they contribute to society. He also expressed employees’ commitment to a happy life. Pursuit is the goal of the company's struggle! Then Mr. Zhou made on-site responses to the questions raised by the employees in the company's all employee satisfaction survey activities.

  Finally, Mr. Zhou emphasized that: Turning a new page, a hopeful 2020 is coming to us. In the new year, challenges and opportunities coexist. We must accelerate the pace of building a modern enterprise system and improve technological innovation. Ability, increase training efforts, enhance corporate competitiveness, further enhance the company's cohesion and centripetal force, meet opportunities, move towards a more lofty goal, and strive to continue to write new splendor and glory!

Show feast

Sign language dance "Thank You" expressed sincere gratitude to all the people who attended the dinner

The dance skewer "Romantic Sakura + Broken Love Front League" brought by the office ladies attracted the attention of the audience. They all wear mysterious masks. Can you tell who is who and who is with sharp eyes?

The flute solo "Sauvignon Blanc" brought by Luo Dejun in the welding workshop evokes the feelings of the people who are strangers in a foreign land to their hometown, but all of Deming's friends, don’t rush, it’s the year after the annual meeting. , Hold on, we will have a holiday!

The acrobatic "Space Walk" showed muscular power and won the audience. ~~~

The "Magic Show" brought by Jiang Ting from the metalworking workshop even brought the atmosphere of the scene to a climax. I have to say that Deming is really talented!

  "Tomorrow will be better" brought by the PMC department expresses best wishes to the company and all staff. Only by calmly walking past yesterday and cherishing today can we walk towards tomorrow calmly! It is said that the world is prosperous, plain is true, ups and downs, and only through ups and downs can you see a rainbow. Yesterday, I left in an uproar, leaving only endless memories; today’s days are intangible telling myself that today is good, as long as you live healthy, you must cherish it more; tomorrow you have to face yourself with a clear conscience, to meet New challenges, let yourself live confidently, live to understand, and live the present well, it is to respect life. Because there is no turning back, no if, no dress rehearsal, every day is live broadcast, only by making today a wonderful life, tomorrow's life will be better and more meaningful!

Annual meeting lottery

  There is a special prize in the lottery. Who will win the special prize? Unexpected results, some people are happy and some are sad. With the lucky prize, the third prize, the second prize, the first prize, the cash prize, and the special prize, the joy continues to set off the climax of the dinner. The exciting lottery draws have kept applause and cheers on the venue.

Group photo of the winners of the "third prize"

Group photo of the winners of the "Second Prize"

Group photo of the winners of "First Prize"

Group photo of the winners of the "Special Prize"

Cheers celebration

Looking back, we are full of pride

Looking to the future, we have a heavy responsibility

New journey, let us set off again

The 2020 annual meeting and awards dinner came to a successful conclusion

I would like to express my gratitude to the logistics team for their service and all staff for their support and cooperation

2020, I wish you all health, safety, happiness~~~