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Make the home better: employee birthday party-happy work, passionate life
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  Foreword: Affected by the epidemic, this is our first birthday party this year. Grasp the end of June to prepare a warm and unique birthday party for the birthday stars. The affection is not as long as the company, and there is no need to say more about love. Every birthday The meeting embodies Deming's deep love for everyone.

Fate brings us together in the best years

Leave our unforgettable memories here

Share happy hour

Employee birthday party, the strongest affection, the deepest love

Very lucky because of you

We grow together

Make home better

At 4 p.m. on June 29th, we started our first birthday party after the epidemic

Sweet birthday cake, rich fruit snack

Birthday stars gather together

The words all reveal the warmth and care of family

Sincere greetings

A blessing from all the family

"Birthday stars" are filled with happy smiles


This year Deming has also joined a lot of new partners, who stand in their positions and introduce themselves

interactive game

  Rules of the game for drumming and passing flowers: When the drumming music starts, everyone starts to pass the flowers one by one until the drum stops. At this time, whoever spends it in his hands (or in front of his seat) will perform on stage (such as singing, dancing, telling jokes, etc.). If the performer does not have the talent to perform, he can act according to the rules of the paper.

Birthday representative

Numbers hold togethe

Rules: listen to the host’s password "digital group" in the music

Everyone asks: What is the number?

The host said: 3

Participants found three people to hug in the shortest time, and the rest were fined for the show!

Cake session

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you...

With a cheerful birthday song

The birthday stars make good wishes together

Everyone has a happy smile on their faces

Sharing the joy of birthday together

In the big family of Deming

Always remember every special you

Although the birthday party is short

But warm and warm, with laughter

Warmth and happiness

Be grateful to meet

Happy moments always pass quickly

Happy days always feel too short

A thousand words, a thousand words

There is no end to the sincere friendship

There is no end to good blessings

On your birthday today

All my colleagues in the company send you the most sincere wishes for your birthday

Happy birthday and happy family

Let us bless you and everyone

Always have golden years and bright future

In the end, may your style be fragrant with the flowers forever

Brilliant with the sun, moon and stars