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Deming's First Staff Fun Games
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There is a rainbow in the sky, it is beautiful in the sky after the rain
There is also a rainbow in life, that is sports, it makes life colorful
We are full of vitality and youth, youthful life, youthful movement
Let our hearts fly and be young
There is no failure, regardless of success or failure, we who exercise are the rainbow of life

On the morning of July 26, 2020, at this warm summer breeze, with light steps, we ushered in the long-awaited Deming First Staff Fun Games.
Opening Ceremony Admission

Speech by Mr. Zhou

Referee representative Liu Bingru swears

Athlete representative Liu Lanfang swears

At the opening ceremony, the athletes were very enthusiastic, and then there was an exciting game session!

Shiatsu board skipping

Blow out the candle

eat watermelon

Legs with balloons

Step on the newspaper

Flour relay

Team skipping

Tug of war

Every hard work has a harvest
Every pain is the beginning of happiness
Every shout is a call of strength
The exciting game session has come to an end, and finally is the awards session~

There is also a team with the highest score-the stamping workshop

With the joint efforts of the majority of employees, we successfully completed various competition tasks and achieved the expected results, healthy living, happy work, we will meet again next time~

Finally, a group photo of the administrative department is attached.