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"Joining the Group and Striving for the World" Team Development Activity of "Cohesion and Challenge Self" Successfully Completed
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Burden on shoulder, mission forward;The strongest rally, full strength to start the expedition;The war wolf team from Zhejiang Deming set off on a passionate expedition;

Group building activities


Burden on shoulder, mission forward;

The strongest rally, full strength to start the expedition;

The war wolf team from Zhejiang Deming set off on a passionate expedition;

Use the spirit of hard work and high morale to break through the difficulties ahead;

I firmly believe that Deming soldiers will be able to break through the limits and harvest the battlefield.

Prepare for battle and set out

Steel oneself is the driving force for our growth,

Forward is our firm step,

Empowerment, breakthrough, growth,

May we forge a new self after striving and tempering again and again,

Fearless forward, the Deming warriors are fully charged and ready to go!

In order to enhance the team cooperation awareness among various departments, enhance the team cohesion of the company, and serve the development of the company with a higher quality team. With the theme of "Cohesion and Challenge Self", a two-day and one-night expansion activity is organized for all marketing teams and senior managers of the company.

This group building activity enhances the team spirit and team awareness of employees. Improve the team's ability to better handle problems when facing them together through clear division of labor and cooperation; At the same time, it enhances the cohesion of the team, enhances mutual understanding among employees, allows employees to tolerate and trust each other, and allows team members to respect each other, thereby bringing the relationship between employees closer and allowing individuals to form a closer whole.

Highlights of the event


Extreme Test October 29th

Cohesion and challenge yourself

The sun is just right, and the autumn wind is not dry. On such a sunny morning, we, over 40 members of the Deming Wolves team, started a 10-kilometer round trip hiking activity to the destination of "Yunshan Tianchi" in Jingning She Township. During the hiking activity, our "Blue Sky Team" won the championship of the first event.

Knowing that 10 kilometers is not the limit for our Warring Wolf team, we began to challenge the highest peak in Wenzhou in the afternoon,""Baiyun Jian".

Mountaineering can exercise your body while sharpening your will and team spirit, and improve your comprehensive abilities. It tests your physical fitness, your ability to correctly view goals and difficulties, and your team leader's leadership ability. It is necessary to transform difficulties into strength to motivate yourself and the team, work together, and motivate each other to achieve common goals together!

In the philosophy of wolves, the reason why wolves succeed is that they all work together, advancing and retreating together. While climbing, members of each team should help each other, unite and cooperate, not abandon or give up, to ensure that each member successfully reaches the finish line, fully embodying the spirit of Deming, not only completing self challenges, but also demonstrating the infinite power of the team! In the mountaineering challenge, the "What team" team worked together to win the championship in the mountaineering event.

Outreach Athletics October 30th

Holding a group to fight the world

There is no perfect individual, only a perfect team,

A united team,

With one heart, we work together to create brilliance,

The battlefield of gunsmoke is characterized by fierce competition and numerous difficulties,

We should learn to face setbacks squarely and correctly handle different opinions in the team,

Full strategy, team work hard, to meet the challenge!

Answer contest

Listen to the prelude and guess the song name; Answering cultural knowledge; The brain turned sharply, and after a few rounds, the three teams were equally strong, making it difficult to determine the outcome.

Badminton match

In badminton singles, they send the strongest player of their team, their captain, to participate in the competition, demonstrating their determination to win the first game and vow to win. There is no doubt that the "right team" won the first place in the badminton match.

Table Tennis Singles/Doubles

In table tennis singles/doubles matches, in the face of strong players, the "Blue Sky Team" has no fear. In the event of falling behind in the score, they never say goodbye, never give up, and fully exert maximum pressure on their opponents. In the end, the "Blue Sky Team" won the double crown of table tennis singles/doubles.

Holding a group to fight the world

An excellent team is a team full of passion and energy, which promotes the entire team to always maintain full and vigorous motivation, and the entire team enters a state of all-out effort to meet the next challenging projects. In the 30th competitive event, there were also fancy team key rings, hula hoop qualifying competitions, idiom relay battles, and you draw and I guess. In the end, in the two-day Extreme Challenge and Expansion Competition, "What team" surpassed the second place by 18 points with total points, becoming our champion team.

Highlights of the event

Collective cohesion holds up individual explosive power. Everyone's efforts have achieved great results on the field!

The two-day and one-night group building expansion activity ended after experiencing the wedding performance in Jingning She Township. This group building activity is extremely challenging and far-reaching. Consolidate our efforts to build a lasting foundation for Deming and build a strong team. We are willing to take the successful holding of this group building activity as an opportunity to raise our morale and spirit, bring team spirit into play in future work, improve work efficiency, and make new and greater contributions to a more brilliant and bright future for Deming with a more enthusiastic work attitude!

In the future, the development of the company requires not only commanders who plan strategies, but also many backbone personnel with extraordinary courage and perseverance. With their strength, they annotate "cohesion and self challenge", injecting a more colorful stroke into the Deming Warwolf team, and will certainly inspire the Deming people to add confidence and strong motivation on the way forward! Let us not forget our original intention, bear in mind our mission, continue to carry forward the Deming spirit of striving for progress, positive dedication, unity and cooperation, and transcendence of ourselves. We will shed sweat and passion on the road to the future, and write a more brilliant chapter of Deming!